Thomas Hübl 2012

Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher. 

He respresents an uncompromising clarity, which brings the enlightened potential of a new “Culture of WE” into the light.

His workshops and trainings invite people to experience a deeper dimension of self-awareness and individual responsibility.

The radical path of transcendence from the ego-centric world opens the door to deeply authentic expression, service to the world and to the focus on the absolute.

Experiencing a driving force to take part in evolutionary processes, people apply their gifts into the world in a concrete way.

Thomas Hübl at Celebrate Life Festival August 2012Thomas is the initiator of the Celebrate Life Festival and the Synchronised Humanity Tour.

He founded the Academy of Inner Science in 2008, creating a space for the exploration of comtemporary mysticism, which directly contributes to a waking culture.

The Academy offers an engaging invitation to all, who feel the call to awaken and wish to manifest this in the world.

The programs of the Academy focus not only on personal transcendence, but also on the active commitment to respond to the challenges of the human condition, which we face in today’s post-modern world.