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This page lists all current and upcoming online courses, including those sponsored by other organizations. The next open online course will start in spring of 2016. Details are coming soon.

1. 'Mystical Principles' Part 3 - has started November 21, 2015
2. Past Courses


Mystical Principles 3

'Mystical Principles' Part 3 - The course has started and is closed now

The Mystical Principles online course continues in November and we are delighted to be able to invite new students to join! Course language is English - Recordings and transcripts will also be available with German translation. For all new students who have not yet participated in any Mystical Principles course, we will provide an integrated introduction to the essence of the previous course content!

Mystical principles have become the core of Thomas Hübl's work. This six-month course continues the online journey that began almost two years ago. Hundreds of participants from all over the world studied and lived a radical mystical path in the contemporary context of today's world. The course was deeply transformative for many. Now we will continue Mystical Principles and go deeper.

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Mystical Study  

We will gradually activate higher levels of consciousness and learn to turn our attention from the effects in our lives towards that which creates reality.

Mystical Principles is an in-depth study of mysticism in a community of people where everyone is practicing both for themselves and collectively.

Most participants were surprised by the strength of the global community, which developed noticeably. This, too, is now the central theme.

Weltbürger Sein  

We want to explore more deeply what it means to be a 'citizen of the world', and are working on the creation of a global interior in ourselves.

The 'Five Minutes a Day' practice means the inclusion of world news into our meditation practice in a non-reactive way, and the ‘Global Social Witnessing' from the Celebrate Life Festival will also be taken on and explored.

Thomas' teachings will take place in live classes and there is the opportunity to interact directly with him.

Group Field  

In addition, the group comes together in mentoring groups, in a private Facebook group and in triads.

We look forward to this new exciting journey!

When you sign up for the introductory event on 17 October you will receive a guided meditation from Thomas as free audio download. This Meditation can help you to gain experience with mystical principles.

Mystical Principles of Healing

Sharing the Presence

past online courses


 2. Past Courses

"THE MYSTICAL PRINCIPLES OF HEALING: Integrating the Past – Presencing the Future".

This online course has started on March 28, 2015!

In this eight-month course with more than 700 participants, Thomas Hübl gives new perspectives on the principles and practice of healing, individual and collective.

He guides the participants toward a deeper understanding of the essential principles that govern physical, emotional and spiritual healing, their practical application, and the nature of transformation, individual and collective.

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Authentic Awakening
A 9-week Virtual Intensive to live an Enlightened Life in the 21th Century

January 15 - April 08, 2015

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The Course in Mystical Principles, Part 2

from September 2014 until March 2015

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The Course in Mystical Principles, Part 1

Start February 9, 2014

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