Sessions – Anmeldung

Registration for Personal Support


  • If you would like to make an appointment, please provide us with your address and telephone number or Skype name by email to
    or telephone +49 (0)4407 - 716 094.
  • Please indicate either a 30 or a 60 minute call, and of course, the person from the Support Team with whom you would like to speak.
  • In response to your request, you will receive a phone or skype call from the person with whom you wish to speak in order to make an appointment with him or her and to fix the terms of payment.

Sessions – AnmeldungPrices

Please arrange the price of the session with the support team member you have chosen.

Please note

The Sharing the Presence Thomas Hübl GmbH must direct your attention to the fact that in no way does Personal Support take the place of psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, medical treatment or any other kind of therapy. A normal mental and physical capacity of the customer is required. With the appointment you agree to the Terms and Conditions.