Teaching Trip to China
Wed, 18. April 2018 - Sun, 22. April 2018
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Trip to China


Thomas Hübl's Teaching Trip to China

April 18 to 22, 2018 - Peking - Shanghai - Shenzhen

Tour Dates:

Wednesday, 18. April 18
Open Evening in Peking, Beijing University

Topic: Tao Te Ching Journey back home

Thursday, April 19
Open Evening in Shanghai, Shanghai-Fudan University

Friday, April 20
Open Evening in Shenzhen, Graduate School of Shenzen, Tsingua University

Topic: "The Power of Inner Science & Business/Technology Innovation"

Saturday, April 21 & Sunday April 22
Two-day workshop in The Fontan Resort, Shenzhen


Organized is this trip by Kate and Liyu Zeng and their team from the "Isvara Garden" center in Shenzhen - thank you! They have visited us at the Celebrate Life Festival 2017:


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