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Tue, 1. May 2018, 21:00 h - 21:45 h
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For this meditation we meet every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. You can sit at home or come together in smalls groups and tune into the common field. Connecting with fellow meditators and to Thomas Hübl in this way allows a deepening of presence and self-transcendence.

VIDEO: For directions on how to practice the download meditation and to better understand its purpose, please view this video. Recorded in February 2018 - English with subtitles in German.



Technical aids, internet downloads, and audio files are not required!


We call it "download meditation" because we invite a higher blessing into the meditation. We get some higher support or blessing through the meditation that is a kind of a resource for our life.

The collective meditation also reinforces my meditation. Many people tell us that when we do the download meditation, they can literally feel how their own meditation gets reinforced because we all sit together. We create a field of coherence that affects everybody.

Because we do it already many years, the field has grown, and by now, there are thousands of people sitting and tuning in and holding a space for their own life and also for the community, and we feel it!

If you want to be regularly reminded of the meditation date, please fill out the respective form here. The download meditation reminder will be sent twice a month at Monday before the meditation via E-Mail.


Download-Meditation - Date and Time

Every first and third Tuesday each month from 9 - 9.45 pm (CET)


12 (noon) - 12.45 pm PDT (San Francisco)
3 - 3.45 pm EDT (New York)
8 - 8.45 pm GMT (London)
9 - 9.45 pm CEST (Germany)
10 - 10.45 pm IDT (Israel)

At what time takes the next meditation place in your country?
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