Thomas Hübl Toning CLF 2011Toning Meditations

  • Dive into the depth of the moment...
  • Move past our customary, daily awareness...
  • Obtain insight into the magnetic force of now... 

Toning meditations invite us to experience meditative states in a common tapestry of sound. They carry us in a healing togetherness and are closely interwoven with the One Language of the world. Tonings are a form of synchronisation of many people in a common space of transcendence.

Insight and silence - love and compassion - the presence of the One Taste become perceptible and clear.

Toning Thomas Hübl CLF 2011Interview with Thomas Hübl on Toning

For years you have been doing "Tonings" in your groups. What exactly happens there?

A Toning creates a beautiful sound space in which from each individual's sound a collective composition is orchestrated. This means that individuality is expressed and a larger context emerges too.

The individuality begins to synchronize itself with a larger context in such a way that everyone stays within his or her own inner alignment while also making a contribution to the whole.

Toning CLF 2011 Thomas Hübl

When we see this as a metaphor we might say that in the space of consciousness which we are, individuality gives way to a larger shared We, while each sound remains really important.

The result is that in our consciousness, internally, a much larger space is created: a conscious space of mindfulness or wakefulness.

The Toning is a way of stimulating the living movement of life over and over again. If this movement stagnates in our body then the toning has a healing effect, bringing movement back to areas of our bodies, our thoughts, our emotions.

A toning has a healing effect on the one hand and a consciousness expansion effect on the other.

The vision is also that we do Tonings with very many people - with a hundred thousand or more. Like a huge orchestra that through the creation of greater consciousness and awareness affects collective human consciousness.

Toning CLF 2011 Thomas Hübl

A Toning can therefore be used for individual and for collective healing. This holds the potential for a new level of healing work to arise.

Is it important to have an intention in the Toning?

One can have one but we may also leave it open and see what happens when we connect with the whole world and allow the effect of super-conscious intelligence, which is greater than individual intelligence, to work.

I make myself available in my compassion, my clarity, my intention, my service; I am present as container, as a channel, as intention to be present.

The simple act of so many people aligning with something together and collectively feeling that connection allows for a rising of consciousness.Thus a higher collective consciousness emerges through us all.

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