Synchronised Humanity TourSynchronised Humanity Tour

Within the framework of the Synchronised Humanity Tour, major events will be taking place in several different cities throughout Germany (at a later point also in other countries) for healing and integration of collective topics of humanity (Healing-Meditation).

We make use the dynamic of large groups to bring insight, healing and consciousness into collective topics. Synchronisation of many people can become a tool of awakening, to bring attentiveness, awareness and presence to the foundations of our lives. In this way those aspects are revealed which we collectively repress – and as a result create a collective shadow.

The focus of the first events in 2007 (in Berlin and Cologne) were on the World War II history of Germany: Together we directed more consciousness and light into the suppression of a tremendous hurt in the recent history of mankind.

Synchronisierte ZeitA Higher WE, the next step in the evolution of humanity, trains new abilities which we can use for healing and and integration. A strong super-conscious force which is accessible to all of us brings light to places which we often overlook.

The Synchronised Humanity Tour is devoted to our common foundation of life and promotes the awakening of the collective. It is founded on the evolutionary development of a Higher WE, a new perspective of human consciousness.


Unintegrated partsWhat effect can a healing meditation have?

If it is possible to return collective experiences and emotions separated from the awake consciousness as they were too painful to conscious awareness, healing integration can occur. A group of present, tuned-in people is able to subsequently contribute what was not possible at the time of the trauma: conscious feeling.

The suppressed emotions in the collective field of the respective place can be transformed with the help of the higher levels of consciousness, which are invited through a synchronised group field. The larger the group and the clearer its intention and empathic presence is, the stronger the healing effect.

Synchronized Humanity Tour Welt-ZeitkarteThe more consciously and alertly we accept and integrate the dark experiences of the Third Reich as a collective, the clearer we will be able to contribute as a nation to the global questions of the future.

Our understanding of what it means to be human will grow deeper. The quality that we need to achieve integration is also the quality that we can learn from the experiences of the Second World War – true empathy.

The depth and the sympathy occurring during this healing meditation are an important part of the experience that every single person can gain personally. If we recognise that empathy and depth always live within us, we will be able to open up to our true essence.

It is also a touching experience to take part consciously in a giving role in the creation of our common foundation of life. We contribute our awake, feeling presence to make more joy and creativity possible between us once more.