Celebrate Life Festival 2015Sharing the Presence e.V.

The charitable association “Sharing the Presence e.V.” provides a charitable framework for the diverse range of projects in the Sharing the Presence movement based around the work of Thomas Hübl. Activities which will be conducted under the auspices of the charity include the organisation of the Celebrate Life festival. It is possible to make charitable donations at the festivals. Some of these donations will be passed on to other charitable organisations. Information from the Festival 2015

The charity would like to take up, implement and/or fund the range of consciousness-raising approaches adopted by Thomas Hübl and committed people active in the StP movement. Above all, the intention is to assist many people and projects working to promote the development of consciousness and self-responsibility and contributing to solutions for the range of social and ecological issues we are facing.

Celebrate Life Festival 2014Excerpts from the association statutes:

  • Promoting spiritual growth and the development of consciousness by means of seminars, symposia, meetings, festivals and congresses. One example amongst many for our understanding of the term “spiritual growth” is the development of a collective awareness of the global and individual crises of our age. Meditation and connected communication can lead to the development of new ways of overcoming these crises (e.g. climate, consciousness, financial).
  • Organising interdisciplinary symposia, meetings and congresses on the issues of regional and global, ecological, social, inclusive and sustainable economics.
  • Hosting events in Germany and abroad that serve to increase international understanding.
  • Initiating and supporting charitable projects in the third world.
  • Cooperating with organisations, associations and institutions that pursue similar aims to the Sharing the Presence Association.

The complete articles of association in English

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We can provide donation receipts upon request. For transfers of €200 or less, your bank statement serves as proof of donation.

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