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Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher, who practices mysticism in his own life, and also imparts it to others, in a manner that is entirely in keeping with the times. His work integrates the essence of the great traditions of wisdom with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. His work, which he executes with uncompromising clarity, leads to the birth of new 'we-cultures'.
He has the special gift of truly understanding people and being able to apply the timeless knowledge that has been revealed to him when engaging with them enabling people to gain a deeper dimension of self-awareness and responsibility.
This radical transcendence of the ego-centric world view opens the door to a depth of authentic expression, to service to the world, and to a focus on the absolute.
Thomas Hübl has devoted his life to the task of exploring awareness and supporting others in their quest for greater awareness.  His work has world-wide resonance.

TWT US Last chance to join: Timeless Wisdom Training in the US is getting ready!

The first TWT in the US will start end of September 2015. It takes two years.
The training offers a spiritual path of development on an individual, collective and transpersonal level. The training is lead by Thomas Hübl.

Guest speakers are Yehudit Sasportas and Diane Hamilton.

To apply for the training, participation in an introductory weekends is mandatory.
The last weekend will be on June 19-21, 2015 at Menla Mountain Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY, two hours' north of New York City and three hours' west of Boston.

More information to the training

waking up SoundsTrueWaking Up - Over 30 Perspectives on Spiritual Awakening - What does it really mean? Free access now until May 31!

A growing number of people are beginning to see things in a radically different way. In other words, more and more of us are starting to 'wake up' spiritually — to discover an entirely new identity beyond the usual sense of who we think we are.
SoundsTrue celebrates its 30th anniversary and brings you this free online series. Publisher and founder Tami Simon speaks with more than 30 of today's leading authors and teachers, who will share their personal understanding of spiritual awakening — how it takes place, what changes (and what doesn't), and how their experiences can inspire and inform our own realization. Among them is Thomas Hübl - beside Adyashanti, Almaas, Ken Wilber, Jack Kornfield, Eckhart Tolle, Jeff Foster and many other!

Learn more and register here

North American Tour June 14 - 21, 2015

Thomas Hübl will visit again Canada and the US from June 14 until 21, 2015.

'How do we open ourselves to difficult world events so that we do not disassociate?' -
Listen to this talk (to the left) of Valerie from Ottawa, Canada, with Thomas.

This is the schedule:

Ottawa Canada - Open Evening - June 14 - Info and Registration
Washington DC - One-day Workshop - June 16
New York City - Open Evening - June 17
New York City - One-day Workshop - June 18
Phoenicia NY - Timeless Wisdom Training US Intro Weekend - June 19-21
(more information to the Timeless Wisdom Training you can find here)

Celebrate Life Festival 2015 - Welcome Video

July 30 until August 8, 2015 in Oberlethe, Northern Germany

Transformation. Healing the Past - Becoming a new future.

Are you open to fresh impulses, exciting encounters and inspiring exchanges, to healing experiences and new dimensions? Then join us at the Celebrate Life Festival 2015!

More information on the website

This video is in English and has subtitles in 14 languages.