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Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher, who practices mysticism in his own life, and also imparts it to others, in a manner that is entirely in keeping with the times. His work integrates the essence of the great traditions of wisdom with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. His work, which he executes with uncompromising clarity, leads to the birth of new 'we-cultures'.
He has the special gift of truly understanding people and being able to apply the timeless knowledge that has been revealed to him when engaging with them enabling people to gain a deeper dimension of self-awareness and responsibility.
This radical transcendence of the ego-centric world view opens the door to a depth of authentic expression, to service to the world, and to a focus on the absolute.
Thomas Hübl has devoted his life to the task of exploring awareness and supporting others in their quest for greater awareness.  His work has world-wide resonance.

Mini Online Course RelationshipFor most people, a relationship is both a blessing and a challenge.

Key Practices for Awakening Together in Relationship
Free Online Course in English and Spanish on September 28, 29 & 30, 12pm PDT, 2pm CDT, 3pm EDT, 9pm CEST, 10pm IDT

A blessing for the love, intimacy, companionship and mutual support that’s possible, and a challenge for all the conflict that inevitably arises. Conflict about each other’s wants and needs, conflict about individuality vs. togetherness, conflict about money and power, conflict liberty vs. commitment, and more. Modern relationships are challenging!

But as many spiritual seekers have experienced, being on a spiritual path doesn’t necessarily make relationships easier, and it can sometimes make them more difficult. This seems to be a paradox. If I am on a spiritual path and I am discovering new depths of my being, and new reserves of love and compassion … Click here to register for free

Celebrate Life Festival 2014: 7 Videos - 42 Minutes

Dealing with War - 6:19
There is no Relationship - 4:12
You don't hear me! The competency to relate - 5:16
Energy and Speed of Development - 4:54
The Internet as an Evolutionary Impulse - 7:47
Crisis and Levels of Consciousness - 5:49
Recorded at Celebrate Life Festival 2014 - July 24 until August 3

Thomas Hübls Youtube Channel

Celebrate Life Festival 2014: Pure Giving is Participating in Creation

The structure ot the Ego is the will to receive. One way of transcending the ego structure is through service, through pure giving. The nature of the divine is pure abundance.

True giving is participating in creation. In the will to give there is an equality with the power which creates. The highest giving is the giving that nobody knows of.

Audio 6:26 min, recorded at the Celebrate Life Festival on July 31, 2014


Photos of the Celebrate Life Festival 2014

Photos from the Festival

What is going on?

Spanish FlagThe first online course in Spanish and English (consecutive translation)! - with three sessions from September 28 until 30, 2014: "El arte del despertar a través de las relaciones íntimas - Prácticas clave para despertar juntos en una relación" - "The Art of Awakened Intimacy - Key Practices for Awakening Together in Relationship" - The course is free! More Information espagnol - - More information in English

August 2014 - Thomas Hübl Newsletter

'Mystical Principles Intensive' - New Year's retreat with Thomas Hübl in Israel from December 27th, 2014 to January 3rd, 2015. Registration is open - More Info

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Sharing the Presence - the work of Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl gives Workshops and Trainings in Germany, Europe, North America and Israel. His work has been well established in Canada and USA since 2011.

Many practice groups have emerged in North America.  Practice Group List

The three-year program 'Timeless Wisdom Training', an education in contemporary mysticism is the core of his teaching. The focus begins with the integration of personal issues, continues with an exploration of collective dynamics at Transpersonal levels, and deepens through the timeless mystical principles. The fourth training will begin in November 2014 - more info.

Online courses
are increasingly developing into a powerful medium that transcends physical and regional boundaries and create intense global fields and networks. There is a new quality in the online contact that bridges the huge distances involved. Many people not usually associated with Thomas are in touch with each other, come together, learn together and exchange ideas.
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