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Thomas Hübl is a contemporary spiritual teacher, who practices mysticism in his own life, and also imparts it to others, in a manner that is entirely in keeping with the times. His work integrates the essence of the great traditions of wisdom with scientific knowledge and his own personal experience. His work, which he executes with uncompromising clarity, leads to the birth of new 'we-cultures'.
He has the special gift of truly understanding people and being able to apply the timeless knowledge that has been revealed to him when engaging with them enabling people to gain a deeper dimension of self-awareness and responsibility.
This radical transcendence of the ego-centric world view opens the door to a depth of authentic expression, to service to the world, and to a focus on the absolute.
Thomas Hübl has devoted his life to the task of exploring awareness and supporting others in their quest for greater awareness.  His work has world-wide resonance.

Integrating the Past – Presencing the Future"
New Online Course will start on March 28

In this eight-month course, Thomas Hübl will guide us toward a deeper understanding of the essential principles that govern physical, emotional and spiritual healing, their practical application, and the nature of transformation, individual and collective. Existing competencies will be strengthened, and new ones will emerge. More Information and how to register

During a free 2.5 hour Intro Call on Febr. 21 Thomas gave a taste of this course with new perspectives on the principles and practice of healing, individual and collective and answered questions on the subject from participants. Through registering here you can get the access to the recording of this online seminar.

A personal story about the impact of Thomas’s work from Nicholas Janni, Feb 17


US Tour February 2015US Tour — February 2015

Here is the schedule:

Wednesday, February 25 - Open Evening in Denver, Colorado
Thursday, February 26 - Half-Day Intensive in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Thursday, February 26 - Open Evening in Santa Fe, New Mexico - with LIVESTREAM!

Friday, February 27 - Open Evening in Portland, Oregon
Saturday / Sunday, February 28 to March 1 - Weekend workshop in Portland, Oregon

More Information here

Presencing Collective Challenges - One-day Workshop
in Neve Shalom, Israel - March 12, 2015

How can we develop new competencies in facing cultural and collective trauma, conflict and difficult life situations?

Every crisis holds a pearl - what is the chance within the challenge?

This video on the left is a talk about this one-day workshop.

More information to the workshop here

Amsterdam 356Awakening in Modern Life - An evening talk with Thomas Hübl in Amsterdam - March 24, 2015

What does it mean to awaken in the midst of our daily lifes while attending to our work, our families, our passions, and our challenges? To accept and include the tensions and conflicts of life into our spiritual practice, rather than relating to them as obstacles?

This is an invitation to engage in a way of being that invites profound compassion, transparency, fierce love, and tenderness with ourselves and each other - a way that allows us to intertwine stillness and movement as one balanced path rather than two separate approaches to life.

More Information here

The Power of WeThe Power of We - Awakening in the Relational Field -
Six Sessions of Teachings for Integrating Spirituality into Work, Love, and Life

When inner realization takes root in the outer world, the “power of we” begins to grow.

Thomas Hübl offers a revolutionary path to bring relationships into our spiritual practice with six sessions of insights and tools — all to help you express your full creative gifts in love, work, family, and culture.

6 CDs (7 hours, 28 minutes) - More Information

You can get a free taste of it here in the Producer's Pick SoundsTrue Podcast:
Exploring Transparent Communication

Current Events

What else is going on?

Timeless Wisdom Training in the US is getting ready!
The first TWT in the US will start end of September 2015. It takes two years.
The training offers a spiritual path of development on an individual, collective and transpersonal level. The training is lead by Thomas Hübl. Guest speakers are Yehudit Sasportas and Diane Hamilton.

To apply for the training, participation in one of two introductory weekends is mandatory.
More information to the training